Our twitter feed yesterday was awash with the words of many a happy music fan, as they found the new album from The Sound of Arrows, ‘Voyage’, had finally arrived. The response we’ve heard and read has been universally positive – beyond positive actually. Words that even WE would never use on here for fear of being rendered just too hyperbolic! And that really is saying something! However, we believed every one of them. Personally, we haven’t yet given it a listen – we’re awaiting the opportunity to arise where we can be locked away in a dark room, with our best quality headphones. It’ll be some time this week.

Yesterday was also the day where Swedish television viewers got to see the duo, and to hear a couple of songs from the new album. They appeared on Nyhetsmorgon to perform the current single ‘Wonders‘, plus new song ‘My Shadow’.

The mysterious sires of Swedish electropop have long been championed for their sound, but it was great to see a rare television performance from the two.

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