Robyn dances to the beat!

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At last night’s P3 Radio Guld Awards in Sweden, the almighty Robyn performed three almighty tracks from her ‘Body Talk’. And rather than give us the usual ‘Dancing On My Own’ or ‘Indestructible’ performances that we all know and love by now, she treated the crowd to ‘We Dance To The Beat’, ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’, and her new single ‘Call Your Girlfriend’.

The highlight is during the music spazz-out of ‘We Dance To The Beat’, which sees her go suitably crazy, in her usual inimitable way! The performance of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ was slightly ruined however, first by a host who decided that she needed to say goodbye halfway through the song, as opposed to before it. And then by the fact that it was the show’s closing number, so SVT cut it off halfway through to viewers. A shame, as it was (we think?) the first TV broadcasted performance of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Oh well. There’ll be many more we hope.

And once again, looking at these deliveries of her tunes, we’re awestruck by how brilliant an artist she is. Never stop, please Robyn. Never stop!

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