The next Linda Sundblad single

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After the phenomenal ‘Let’s Dance’, and the very good ‘2 All My Girls’, Linda Sundblad released the album ‘Manifest’ a couple of weeks ago. It’s an absolutely wonderful album, with a number of highlights. Most notable of those is ‘Serotonin’, which is an irresistably delightful track, in its melody, its music, and its lyrics. It actually makes you feel like you’re out in a club, with levels of serotonin being chemically enhanced through the roof! It MUST be a single at some stage. But for now, ‘Perfect Nobody’ has been chosen as the next single. It’s one of the album’s ballads, and so a step down in tempo from the previous two singles. It’s a beautiful song though, and well worth a listen below.

The album’s been a bit of a commercial disaster though, peaking just outside the top 30 last week, and leaving the chart altogether this week. RELEASE ‘SEROTONIN’!

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