Velvet. ‘Love Struck’. The 7th Heaven club mix!

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1817195So then, we should all know by now that Velvet is back! With a brand new single ‘Love Struck’. The first clip surfaced online a few weeks back, and she’s already started performing it at some of her gigs (we’re going to see her tonight, and CANNOT WAIT to watch it performed live).

Now though, ahead of its release, the full length 7th Heaven club remix has appeared online. We’ve had the remix for a few weeks now, and have been playing it at high volume so many times now that we would worry for the safety and health of our precious ears, were it not for the fact that the song is just so bloody brilliant that we just HAVE to keep pressing play. Of course we would never upload the song online for anyone else to listen to, as that’s just illegal and wrong and we would get into trouble. But now somebody else has gone and done it anyway, upon the You Tube. And we do sort of feel duty bound to at least point you readers in its general direction, even though we neither support nor condone the immoral practice of leaking and sharing music ahead of its release.

Christ alive, isn’t it fucking brilliant though?!

Velvet once again delivers a phenomenal club track. And 7th Heaven once again remix it to perfection. Two of our favourite forces in dance music come together. That’s a huge amount of expectations right there, but the 7th Heaven remix of Velvet’s ‘Love Struck’ TOTALLY lives up to everything we could have hoped for from the collaboration between this pair. Velvet, we had forgotten how much we missed you. A hearty welcome back to you.

As we said above, brilliant;

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