Linda Sundblad: ‘Trasig’

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Linda Sundblad continues to be one of our favourite people in pop this week, with the grand unveiling of her new single ’Trasig’ (‘Broken’). She’s been teasing us with acoustic performances of it all summer, but now we can finally listen to the track as and how it was intended – in warm electro form.

‘Tisn’t a million miles away from her last single, ‘Intim’. The intricate electro of that is all present here in ‘Trasig’, as are those lushly soft vocals of hers. This one is slightly more down-tempo. And given the irresistible melody of the chorus, combined with the heart wrenching nature of the lyrics, ‘Trasig’ would not sound out of place on Robyn’s ‘Body Talk’ – specifically ‘Body Talk’ pt3, that’s how good it is.

It’s released in October, but as always, Warner Sweden are being fantastic and uploading the song in full to YouTube, so that everyone everywhere can have a listen, a reflection, and an automatic reaction to hover over the play again button!

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