Dansbandskampen: Live show 5!

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Last night’s Dansbandskampen carried on the season tradition of combining the amazing with the awful! With six dansbands left in the competition, we got two schlager classics, two dansband classics, and two dansband makeovers of well known hits. And amongst them was the best performance of the series so far.

It was ALL about CC & Lee quite frankly. Reminding us why we fell in love with them in the first place, after a few questionable song selections in recent weeks. They gave a spruced up, high speed version of Kikki, Bettan & Lotta’s ‘Vem É Dé Du Vill Ha’. Obviously that song choice was always going to work for them, but they really took it and ran with it, giving the type of show they’ve been dying to give all season. We loved it, and it epitomised everything that can be great about dansband music. And we want this version on their next album please!

Elisa’s continued their own season tradition of putting in a great performance. They were given dansband classic ‘Gråt Inga Tårar’, and stayed faithful to the Thorleifs original, which is a an uber cheesy, but very charming ballad. We don’t know what Elisa was thinking when she chose that outfit though, it’s horrendous! Donnez also performed a dansband classic that we love love love – ‘Eloise’ by Arvingarna, which represented Sweden at Eurovision 1993. They slowed it down a little bit though, which didn’t really add anything to the song, just took something away.

Patrik’s Combo were given the unenviable task of making a dansband version of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’. But surprisingly, we actually SLIGHTLY enjoyed it. Or at least, it wasn’t offensively bad like it could have been – and as they were last week! Another performance that we liked against the odds was Willez take on Lena’s ‘Satellite’, the winner of this year’s Eurovision for Germany. We HATE the original, mostly because of her grating vocals. So it was actually quite nice to be able to listen to Willez’ jaunty cover of the song, without wanting to smash something.

Finally, you would think that Carola’s ‘Evighet’ would work on a show like Dansbandskampen, and that it’s impossible to get wrong. But Wizex managed it. An awful awful awful slowed down version was delivered by them, and they single handedly managed to represent our least favourite side of the dansband genre – boring American country music tripe! And it seems like viewers agreed, as Wizex polled the lowest number of votes and were eliminated from the competition.

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