September: ‘Resuscitate Me’

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Well then. Where do we begin with this one?!

September’s comeback has been one of the most anticipated returns to pop music of the last few years. Not just in scandipop circles, but also to anyone with a love for amazing dance music that sounds like pop music. Her longterm fans haven’t had a full album of new music from her since 2007’s ‘Dancing Shoes’. Although of course none of them would begrudge her this – as the reason why we’ve had the long wait, is that in the meantime, she finally crossed over to some pretty huge success outside of Sweden. In the UK she went on to sell just under 300,000 copies of top 3 hit ‘Cry For You’, following it up with ‘Can’t Get Over’, ‘Until I Die’, and the release of her very first UK album, ‘Cry For You: The Album’. And then over in the US she did the ultra rare, not just for a Swedish artist but for a dance artist in general (this was of course before dance music blew up in the US like it has just now) – she scored a Billboard top 100 hit with ‘Cry For You’. It’s gone on to sell just under 500,000 copies and she’s now the proud owner of the official certification of being the only Swedish artist in over a decade to sell Gold status there with a single track.

Excellent stuff. But we’ve missed her so much!

Well – SHE’S BACK.

Brand new single ‘Resuscitate Me’ gets its release in Sweden on November 8th, accompanied by remixes from Buzz Junkies and Moto Blanco. The rest of Scandinavia will follow soon afterwards, with the rest of the world after that. And her brand new album ‘Love CPR’ will be released in early 2011. For the album she’s worked with her old and faithful collaborator, Jonas Von Der Burg (responsible for so many amazing September hits of the past) and his team. Stonebridge, and Jaako Salovaraa of Darude fame are also on board, amongst others. And September herself has co-written a lot of the tracks too. We’ve already heard half a dozen songs from the new album and are delighted to confirm that it’s sounding incredible so far. The production is goosebump inducing, the melodies are magical, and the vocals are fantastic. The emphasis is on a clubbier direction, but everything about it is still very pop.

The single ‘Resuscitate Me’ has been written and produced by Cutfather, Jonas Jeberg, Wayne Hector, and Lucas Seacon. And of course the last time they got together, they came up with Kylie Minogue’s ‘Get Outta My Way’. ‘Resuscitate Me’ is better though! And we’ve been given the world exclusive first review of it.

It begins with a tantalizingly downbeat verse, creeping and creeping towards the explosion that you know is coming. And then, yep – THE STRINGS appear just in time for the bridge, and they’re massive. The chorus is an electro-lite, beat heavy piece of pop craft. But when that chorus finishes and you expect the song to launch into the second verse, a BRAND NEW chorus appears instead. Yep, it’s so good, it’s been given two choruses! And the second chorus is where it peaks. It’s packed in huge strings, an irresistible synth backing melody, and dreamy high pitched vocals from September, repeating the words ‘’resuscitate me’’. It’s a great section of music that makes you wanna dance, arms aloft! More beats kick in for the second verse, more beats are added still for the next chorus, or rather, for the next two choruses. Then there’s a breakdown in the middle eight where it slows down a bit, and then goes all dreamy again. We think the dreamy part in that is quite genius, as it actually sounds like the music is dipping in and out of consciousness, whilst September is vocalizing the need for resuscitation! How clever. And then of course it all goes off again for the final chorus.

It’s fantastic. And we can’t imagine any fan of September’s previous output being disappointed by this. To our ears, it’s up there with her best. It’s the perfect return to form that we all wanted from her.

We guess that everyone will be able to hear it for the first time soon when the video premieres. It’s already been filmed, and will be released very soon. It’s been directed by Patric Ullaeus who’s filmed videos before for Ace of Base, Dilba, ATC, and Within Temptation.


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