Stereo Love

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We were already obsessed with Anna Abreu’s ’Stereo’ enough as it was, thank you very much, even before the arrival of its video (of the year) last week. But now we’re feeling ridiculous levels of love towards this song all over again. Anna might fret that her “stereo don’t play love songs at all, at all, at all, at all, OH-OH”, but now our stereo don’t play any other songs at all, at all, at all, at all, OH-OH.

So as we went on YouTube over the weekend to have a look at the video for 50th time, we stumbled upon a bran’nu big scale live performance of it. It took place in Finland recently on some big TV show that looks like it might have been one of those telethon affairs. Anyway, what’s great about it is that we get to see Anna perform the song, and it all unfolds over a big stage. We were enthralled for the duration.

This is the sound of pop music in its finest form;

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