Lucky Number Three

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Has anyone else really missed the cheesy bubblegum pop that used to be released in its droves back in the mid nineties to early noughties? We certainly have. Pop fans are in a very fortunate position these days, with every kind of sub genre of pure pop music available to them and being made by countless different artists. But even though pop music is on the up again and being more accepted by the general public, the cheesiest, most uncool sort of pop hasn’t been invited and is left out in the cold.

They’re still having they’re own party though…..

A small independent label in Sweden, Roasting House Records, have launched Three – identical triplets singing pink and fluffy pop music that doesn’t just pay homage to the late nineties, it actually sounds like it was made back then too! Their single, ‘Lucky Number’ is one of those infectious pieces of pure sugar that burrows itself into your head and gives your mood a three minute makeover. It sounds like it was lifted from a Lolly album and covered in Plopp (that delicious Swedish chocolate and caramel concotion)! It’s a lot like Lucky Twice – but more low brow! The track opens with a dialling sound, and the whole theme of ‘Lucky Number’ is the sixteen your old triplets recommending that a particular gent dials their number for a good time. All innocent and sweet of course. Our favourite part is the middle eight where the melody has a bit of a fit and the girls chant ‘hello’ in as many different languages as they can fit in! It’s really quite brilliant. And we’re going to be listening to it for the rest of the day!

The girls’ myspace is below, but there is only a short clip of ‘Lucky Number’ on there. To hear the full version of it, go to their record label’s myspace below that.

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