Say hello to a new pop singer from Norway – Thea Oskarsen.

She’s a lovely lady with an even lovelier voice. And after finding a certain level of fame and a loyal following from posting videos of herself singing onto YouTube, she’s finally getting to release her debut single.

That single is ‘One Of A Kind’. And we love it. It’s an r&b ballad – with a stonking great pop melody. Think JoJo’s ‘Too Little Too Late’, except a little more feelgood since the lyrics to ‘One Of A Kind’ are actually positive. The JoJo comparison is also relevant since she’s a small girl with a huge set of lungs on her. And we really enjoy her delivery on ‘One Of A Kind’. The song is nothing we haven’t heard before of course, but it’s something that we do wanna hear again and again anyway. Very instant and hugely likeable.

She’s shooting the video for it this week, but you can take a listen to the track in full below.

More please, Thea!

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