Nexx & Matt Hewie: ‘Put Your Hands’

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They’re back!

And Swedish group Nexx are looking a little different now to how they did previously when we knew them as makers of THAT stellar track, ‘Synchronize Lips‘. Nowadays Johanna is no longer in the group. So pictured above from left to right you have Matt Hewie whom they’ve made this track with, and Nexx – which is now made up of old-time members Rob and Sebastian, and new girl Celeste.

The new single is ‘Put Your Hands’, and it’s out now in Russia and Poland. A departure in sound given that it’s a collaboration with Matt Hewie, but they’re still staying within their usual dance mold. Gone however, are the commercial club pop sounds of their previous maestro Jonas von der Burg, and in their place is a more exotic, tribal dancefloor feel. It’s like they’ve moved south of the continent, gotten wasted at one beach party too many, and made some questionable friends along the way. They’re still finding this aforementioned way, there’s no doubt about that, but we’re glad that they’re finally letting us in on the ride again.

Welcome back guys;

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