This popular guy again. Very popular. Isac Elliot was just last week crowned Scandipop Readers Favourite Artist of the Year, at the 2015 Scandipop Awards. Cheers to all of you who voted.
And he’s celebrating with a new single? Not quite, no. WE are celebrating by bringing to your attention the best song that Isac has ever made – but which has yet to be released as a single. It’s the penultimate track on his new ‘Follow Me’ album – ‘Glitter’.
What makes it his best yet? It’s a turbo-charged, frantic concoction of Teenpop, Europop, Scandipop, and Candypop. A song that is as just as ridiculous as it is brilliant. It’s the sound of the team behind a popstar exclaiming: “look, we know we’re positioning him to be a certain kind of artist, and this is all very serious business, but fuck it – this song is an absolute riot, and you all need to hear it. LOL”. It’s even CALLED ‘Glitter’! We love everything about the thinking behind this song.
And who ARE the songwriting genii behind ‘Glitter’? Victor Thell (of Smith & Thell fame), Kevin Högdahl, and Aleena Gibson. Listen to the song AND watch Isac perform it live right here;


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