Sibel: ‘Without Your Love’ (preview)

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Sibel – her of the superb vocals – is very much back. After somewhat an eternity away, she returns with a brand new single and a brand new sound. Pleasingly (very pleasingly) she’s gone DANCE!

And she’s not just done it lightly either. She’s hooked up with the best dancepop producer in Sweden, Jonas von der Burg, to come back with ‘Without Your Love’. It’s one of those delightful dance tracks that starts off slow and then erupts with a bang. A slow building verse, a seductively tantalising bridge, an explosive chorus, and then an almighty instrumental post-chorus – just to hammer home the point even further. Ever since Sibel showcased those vocals of hers on ‘That Is Where I’ll Go’ and the ensuing ‘The Diving Belle’ album, this is the kind of music we’ve wanted her to be making. So it’s a great relief that not only is she doing it with our favourite producer of the genre, but that it’s also ended up sounding like this.

‘Without Your Love’ comes out on February 11th. However, today she gives Scandipop readers a preview.


[audio:|titles=Without Your Love preview]

Love it. It was written by Jonas von der Burg, Niclas von der Burg, and Anoo Bhagavan, and produced by Jonas von der Burg.

Curious about all that time she’s spent away, and about this new change of sound she’s embarked on, we had to ask her a few questions. We just had to.

Scandipop: Sibel it’s been ages since we heard from you. What have you been doing all this time?

Sibel: Yes it really has! I’ve been making a few big changes in my career, which were really important to me in order to continue making music. I changed record label and I got myself a new manager, so I’m very excited. I’m currently working with September’s founder and former manager Victoria Ekeberg. She helped build Petra Marklund up as September for 10 years. So I’m very happy about working with such a talented person.

Scandipop: And as well as a change in the team behind you, you’ve completely changed your sound now too, to dance music.

Sibel: Yes! And I’m very comfortable with it actually. There’s so much energy in that type of music. Plus, you can still show off your voice in a great way. I thought only ballads could do that for me, but when I discovered dance music it was such a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ballads but I also know there’s more to me than that. Much more!

Scandipop: And of all people to guide you through dance music, you got Jonas von der Burg! What’s it been like working with him?

Sibel: It’s really fun! Jonas is an amazing producer who made Septembers biggest hits throughout her career, so he really knows what he’s doing. Everything with him sounds so well made, meaning there’s so much quality to his sound. It sounds rich and great. And I really get to be a singer in his songs. I can really show off my vocals.

Scandipop: What can we expect from you in 2013?

Sibel: Some new singles and a tour with the Female DJ Revolution. It’s a DJ set-up with only female DJs and with me as a singer. Creatively, for me lots will happen, since I’ll be recording more songs with Jonas, plus writing songs with him as well. And I’ll also be writing with other songwriters and producers for other artists! That will be great fun.

More on Sibel over at her Facebook page. ‘Without Your Love’ is released on February 11th, through 4 On The Floor Records.


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