Stoffer & Maskinen: ‘Byens Tage’

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Stoffer & Maskinen (those two chaps leering forlornly at you above) have come to our attention via their brand new single ‘Byens Tage’.

The Danish pop duo haven’t ever been on our radar before now, despite having been going since 2006 and being signed to Universal Denmark. Oops. We shall we be doing a bit of investigating into their back catalogue though to make up for that, because based on what we hear in ‘Byens Tage’ – they’re clearly quite capable of churning out a very good pop tune.

What do we like about it? Well our interest in it mostly revolves around its chorus. It’s got a fantastic, memorable melody. And that’s always a good thing. What’s also always a good thing, is that it has slight shades of ABBA to it. Not the topline melody that they sing, but the synths that accompany them throughout the chorus. Very ABBA. Very good. You’ll know what we mean when you get to the chorus. We think.

Here’s the song and video;

Byens Tage - Single - Stoffer & Maskinen


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