Meja: ‘Blame It On The Shadows’

MejaBIOTS e1380826026733

Anyone over the age of 25 should remember this girl, right? The year was 1998, the song was ‘All About The Money‘, and the rest is history. A history of 15 long years during which we never really heard from her again in any sizable capacity. What a shame. Now though, Meja has returned with a brand new single ‘Blame It On The Shadows’ out now, and a new EP called ‘Stroboscope Sky’ which comes out on December 14th.

We’ve had this song for a couple of weeks now and kept meaning to listen to it, finally taking the plunge this morning and being very pleasantly surprised by what we heard. It’s basically what you would expect a follow up to ‘All About The Money’ to sound – albeit fifteen years later. A catchy melody accompanied by an upbeat guitar, it’s therefore a nice return to her glory days. Or glory day, anyway.

Welcome back Meja. We await your new EP with glee, and some patience. After all, what’s another couple of months eh?

Here she is performing ‘Blame It On The Shadows’ on Swedish television at the weekend; (click on “spela” at the bottom of the vid to play)



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