jj: ‘Beautiful Life’

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Swedish duo jj have released ‘Beautiful Life’ as the first single from their new album. And it’s a free download too, grab it below.

Overlook the boring drug references (metaphors are so much more interesting when it comes to the mention of drugs in song lyrics, but ‘Beautiful Life’ manages to shoe-horn in talk of being high, and doing blow, marijuana, and cocaine – *yawn*) and you’ve got yourself an effortlessly pretty pop tune that soothes the soul. Lyrical mishaps aside, it’s all forgiven for the refrain’s trump line – “it’s a beautiful night, to live our beautiful life“. And this is a beautiful soundtrack for such practices.

Oh, and don’t shoot us for what we’re about to say here, but the melody of the chorus of ‘Beautiful Life’ reminds us a lot of Timoteij’s ‘Ingen Idé’. Which always results in some big bonus points!

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