Kliff: ‘Aseeton’

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KliffAseeton e1411054901346

That Finnish boyband who are a bit (ok, a really small bit) like a Finnish version of The Fooo have just gone and released a new single. And it’s their first ballad! Are we really that close to Winter already?!

It’s ‘Aseeton’. Which means Unarmed. Dreamy boyband balladry, but in Finnish. So if you’re not a Finnish speaker, then this may well fall into quite niche territory, and it will take a particular kind of hardcore pop fan to really appreciate it. But hey – we’re on board!

We like the last minute or so the best. When it all starts to get a lot bigger. When it comes to ballads – bigger is quite often indeed better.

Check out when Kliff we’re doing more up-tempo stuff – their first two singles here.


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