Eddie Razaz: ‘Lifeline’

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After an all too long period of being all too quiet, Eddie Razaz has finally got things moving with regards to his solo career.

Tomorrow evening he’ll be embarking on the first public performance of his new material, when he sings to an audience of 10,000 people as part of the line-up of the massive Scahlager & Pop night of Stockholm Pride (more info on the night here). It’s the first time anyone will have seen him on stage without his former REbound buddy. And to mark the occasion, he’s even got himself on the cover of this month’s QX Magazine in Sweden.

That’s all very well for those of us who will be in attendance tomorrow evening at Pride, but what about the rest of you? Well, Eddie has kindly granted us permission to stream a preview of one of the songs that he’ll be performing tomorrow night – the amazing ‘Lifeline’.

I’m experimenting a lot with different sounds at the moment and Lifeline is definitely one of the sounds i’m aiming for. Pop music is so wide and broad and i’m trying the right musical balance for me and my voice. It’s a long process – but i’m getting there!“, says Mr Razaz about his new sound. Regarding ‘Lifeline’, “I’m not really sure yet what the first single will be. ‘Lifeline’ is an amazing and deep song but I have so many songs that I have as single material, we’ll just have to wait and see!“.

Either way though, he’s psyched to be finally showcasing the music he’s been working on for so long – “It feels amazing, I love being within the creative process, writing and finding melodies. Recently I started co-producing as well and that was a new world for me to jump into and I loved it! But to expose my soul for the world to see has always been a dream of mine, and it’s a dream of any artist I think. The second song ‘Head Up High’, which I’m also performing on Pride, is the most personal song I’ve ever written and i’m so excited to share it with my fans and to the audience!

Right then. Let’s not wait any longer. Here we have a lengthy preview of ‘Lifeline’;


SOOOOO good! It’s the eery “keep me alive” bit that gets us.

Eddie says that he hopes to have the first single out by either late summer or early autumn.


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