Today Darin releases his much anticipated brand new album ‘Exit’ across Scandinavia (and everyone outside of Scandinavia can pick it up from our online store here).

Earlier this week though, he played an intimate showcase in which he performed three brand new tracks from the album, with a live band. He did ‘Same Old Song’, ‘F Your Love’, and ‘Surrender’. It’s worth noting that those are three of the more down-tempo tracks on the album – he left out any of the big bangers. So while the performance certainly serves as a great introduction to a certain side of the album, it’s not totally indicative of the whole thing. Still, the sonic side that it does showcase is a hugely enjoyable one. Darin’s voice is suited to many different genres (as he’s proved across six albums), but few people can belt out an r&b ballad like he can.

Watch him perform all three songs;


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