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There’s a new Swedish electro siren on the scene. She’s calling herself Vanbot, and from what we’ve seen and heard so far, she’s something to get excited about!

What we’ve heard so far (and what you can listen to below) is the single, ‘Make Me Break Me’. It’s the first single from her forthcoming self titled album, which is released on April 15th. It’s a mixture of 80’s and 90’s inspired electro, made into something very current. The 80’s elements come from pop, especially in the neon bubble chorus, which sounds like a cross between early Madonna and modern day Eva & The Heartmaker. And then the 90’s influences come from a section of the dance music from that era – specifically one track in particular which we can hear when we listen to ‘Make Me Break Me’. You might remember that dance tune that was used in the soundtrack for the UK version of the Queer As Folk television series, ‘Hold That Sucker Down’. Well if that incarnation of the song was its pilled up, gay club euphoria self on a Saturday night, then what we hear in ‘Make Me Break Me’ are those same synths on a dosage of ambien, trying to bring themselves down on a Sunday morning!

Well that’s what WE hear anyway!

You can judge for yourself below, and Vanbot is being a total dear in allowing everyone to download the song for free. Just click on the download arrow icon on the right hand side of the soundcloud stream, and it’s all legally yours!

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