Agnes on This Morning, this morning;

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Agnes is back in the UK this week, and earlier today she performed on the tv show, ‘This Morning’. Her 3rd UK single ‘On & On’ is released on May 16th, and she put in a cracking live performance of it, which you can see below. We’ve also posted the interview segment of the show, but you can watch that at your own peril – the less said about it the better. Honestly, what kind of an interviewer spends the first half of the interview talking five times as much as the guest, and then halfway through, to a SINGER, says, ”well we could talk about music, but I’m not going to”, and then gushes about himself for the rest of it. I mean, COME ON!

Poor Agnes!

To establish some equilibrium in the world of pop music, we are interviewing Agnes ourselves tomorrow afternoon, and will be asking her about nothing but the music she is making and the success she is having. Not about herring, not about the ice bar in Stockholm, and not about Idol!

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