House of Wallenberg feat. Jwl B: ‘Be My Lover’

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Swedish producer, DJ, club promoter, and general nightlife tycoon Wallenberg is back with a new single this week, ‘Be My Lover’.

We say ‘back’ because of course you all remember his single from last year ‘Lengendary’, in which he turned out to be The Man who could make Leila K return to pop music. Fabulous.

New single ‘Be My Lover’ doesn’t have Leila K on it, but it HAS turned out to be even better. As if to compensate for the lack of legend (just yet), he’s made his sound poppier, dancier, more commercialier too. The whole thing has got a very distinctly 90s feel to it too. In fact………oh God……….it actually does sort of sound like a cross between his last hit ‘Legendary’ and…erm…..Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’.


Cool video too;


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