Allsång På Skansen: Week 3’s guests!

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This week’s Allsång På Skansen had LOREEN on offer. And much more besides as if that wasn’t enough in itself, which it very much would have been.

She did ‘Euphoria’, naturally. Mixing things up with an extended drum intro and outro. Amazing performance. But of course that’s totally a given where Loreen is concerned. Love.

The cast of Diggiloo were invited on to sing a medley of Swedish and fest classics. The gang include Charlotte Perrelli, Magnus Carlsson, and Jessica Andersson. However, it’s worth a look, if only to see The Moniker singing along to ‘YMCA’ through firmly gritted teeth. Not quite living up to his aspirations of Chris Isaak, we think you’ll agree.

Another song we got to see performed is one which has been MASSIVE in Sweden this summer, yet one that we actually haven’t written about on here – despite the fact that we’re liking it more and more each week. It’s ‘Där Jag Hänger Min Hatt’ by male duo Norlie & KKV (one of whom is EXCEPTIONALLY handsome). The track is produced by the brilliant Fredrik Sonefors, so we should have known that we would fall for it eventually. Check it out if you’ve not yet heard it. It’s highly lovable.

Sweden’s biggest dansband, Lasse Stefanz, also made an appearance to perform a medley of their biggest hits.

Oh and it’s always something of a treat to hear Kalle Moraeus sing the immense ‘Underbart’!

Highlights displayed generously below. And if you’re brave enough to delve deeper, everything else is over at SVT’s Allsång website here.

Loreen: ‘Euphoria’

Norlie & KKV: ‘Där Jag Hänger Min Hatt’ (and some of ‘Trojan Du Hatar’)



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