After an almighty four year break, Swedish singer Elin Lanto has returned to pop music this week. And as is good manners, she’s come back with a song brilliant enough to excuse her tardiness. It’s ‘Skylight’, and it’s already a high point for pop in 2014.

‘Skylight’ is a melancholic electro ballad that exudes fragile gorgeousness from both its production and its melody. One line into the first verse and you know you’re onto something special. Two lines in, and you’re awestruck. Well – we were anyway! And thankfully, the awesomeness continues basically until the song ends. And you can’t really ask for more than that, can you? (oh hang on – and extended mix would be nice ta)

After the mega success of her debut album of pop/rock songs in 2005, Elin then went dancepop with her second album – which flopped hard (and undeservedly so, it’s a terrific album that’s miles better than her debut). And after the long absence, we were not only surprised to see her coming back, but wondered what kind of sound she would go for. She’s played it well though, with ‘Skylight’ being a balanced mix of the popstar she used to be known for, and the Nordic electro siren that is so popular in 2014. It’s the sort of thing that Loreen would have been loved for returning with, really. ‘Skylight’ might just be her testing the waters, but screw that Elin – if this is what you’re capable of nowadays, we’re going to be wanting another album from you soon please ta very much.

The song was written by Carl Rydén and produced by SeventyEight – most known for their work with Loreen.



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