The new single? Oh yes. A few weeks back Isa released her debut EP ‘Don’t Stop’. And today she releases the video for the best new song on there – ‘Drum & Bass’.
What happens in it? It’s a dance video for all intents and purposes. Speaking massive volumes in that despite the fact that they’ve hired some of Sweden’s most talented young dancers to appear in it, nothing takes the focus away from the can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her living embodiment of a popstar that is Isa.
Best bit? That’ll be the final minute or so, in which Isa’s latest look allows her to add some hairography to the choreography. And we always love a good bit of hairography.
More from Isa? Here she is performing an acoustic version of her #mega #melfest hit ‘Don’t Stop’. And HERE she is performing an acoustic version of new single ‘Drum & Bass’.

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