Darin to be different!

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Wow, Darin’s looking a bit extra special nowadays isn’t he?! This will all be to do with the impending release of his new album on August 25th. We’re expecting it to be an absolute corker – solely because when we met with Tony Nilsson back in late February, he told us that he would be writing most of the tracks on the album, around 9 of them. And that’s the gentleman responsible for Darin’s last single ‘You’re Out Of My Life’, and the majority of THE album of 2010 so far, Elin Lanto’s ‘Love Made Me Do It’.

New single ‘Love Killer’ is another ballad, so hopefully it’ll be in the same vein as ‘You’re Out Of My Life’ or Elin Lanto’s ‘Give It All Up’. LQ recordings have been made of it at his recent shows and uploaded to youtube, but his label are (understandably) being copyright nazis and taking everything down as quickly as it’s going up.

We’re seeing him live in Stockholm next week though! *scream*

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