You’re Making Me….HET HET HET!

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The glamorous, gorgeous, and groundbreakingly great girls from Timoteij have today unveiled the video for their big comeback single, ‘Het’. And despite them already having one album behind them, this is actually their first ever pop video. Not that you’d ever think that, mind – they give good film as though they’ve been doing it all of their lives!

Oooh, let’s pick some highlights shall we?

  • The opening sequence where their arrival in a hatchback to schlager folk music TRUMPS and outshines the neighbouring limousine that’s arriving to hip hop.
  • Their adoring fans waiting in line all being under the age of ten.
  • They perform
  • They club
  • They drop their instruments and launch into a dance routine

Oh girls of Timoteij – we already knew that we loved your music to the point of uncomfortable obsession – and now we’re pretty sure we’re falling in love with you too!

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