Chezelle: ‘You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’

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Here’s a nice little track from a new Swedish artist that we stumbled upon this morning. Well, it’s got the makings of being a nice little track anyway. As it stands now, it almost verges on being unlistenable due to the tacky Fisher Price production. A production so cringeworthingly cheap that we defy anyone not to recoil in horror as the song unfolds before your very ears!


As we said – at the heart of it all, if you overlook the awful production (and if you’re able to do that – we heartily commend your dedication to the pop cause), it really is a sweet and quite catchy pop song. It could be to Natasha Thomas what the A*Teens were to Abba. Natasha Thomas*Teen isn’t such a catchy name though, so this brand new popstrel is calling herself Chezelle. The song is ‘You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’, and is out next week on iTunes and Spotify. There’s also a video that’s been filmed.

We really do hope, for the sake of Chezelle and for the sake of ‘You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’, that there’s a *better* mix on its way for this iTunes and Spotify release, and for the video too. The audio equivalent of a rough diamond if ever we heard one. Well, perhaps a rough cubic zirconia at least!

EDIT! The video is already here and the production hasn’t been improved at all. Oh Chezelle! What could have been…. 🙁

EDIT TO THE EDIT: The song has now been removed from online and will be re-worked on over the weekend. We had an email from the writers telling us so and thanking us for the “wake up call”!

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