Electro wizard from Finland, Cristal Snow, is back with a new album and it’s preceeded by a rather brilliant lead single. ‘Turn Me Up’ is a series of epileptic synths, vocodored trills, electronic malfunctions, stuttered melodies, and the a rap by a guy called Chedda! And if that sentence doesn’t make you want to hear ‘Turn Me Up’ then you have our deepest sympathy! The chorus is one of the best pieces of electro music we’ve heard all year, and it deserves to be heard in clubs and on radio outside of Finland.

He was almost brought to Europe’s attention last year when he entered the Finnish national finals for Eurovision, with ‘Can’t Save Me’. It didn’t win, but he released his debut album the following month and it went top ten, spawning five singles in total. ‘Turn Me Up’ is better than all of them, but they’re worth checking out for their pop videos alone! You can see them all at his myspace, www.myspace.com/cristalsnow

Here however, is the one that we’re all excited about – the new single…….

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