Alina Devecerski: ‘Jag Svär’

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We’re finding it increasingly difficult to get enough of this girl and her Swedish summer dominating hit that has been ‘Flytta På Dej‘. Every time we hear it, it’s just as amazing as it was previously. It is simply not getting old.

So to quench our thirst for more, let’s all take a listen to the single’s also quite brill b-side, ‘Jag Svär’. We didn’t realise that b-sides still existed. But we’re glad that they do, and extremely happy that it’s Alina Devercerski who has chosen to keep the concept alive.

‘Jag Svär’ is very much cut from the same cloth as ‘Flytta På Dej’. A bit shouty, a bit rave-y, and with a fair bit of repetition to ensure maximum stuck-in-your-head-ness. ‘Tis a little bit deeper and darker than its a-side bigger sister, but it continues to bode well for what we’re expecting from this girl in the future.

We also love that the “jag svär, jag svär, jag svär, jag svär” bit that she speeds though, ends up sounding like “Sverige, Sverige, Sverige, Sverige“. Another unofficial anthem for the Swedish team at the EM football tournament this summer.

Jag svär - Flytta på dej - Single



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