Ask Embla: ‘Father’s Eyes’

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Here’s a song that’s become quite the sleeper hit  over the last few months in Norway.

‘Father’s Eyes’ is by Ask Embla – an outfit combined of Norwegian singer and songwriter Ina Wroldsen (that pretty lady pictured above), and Swedish/Icelandic songwriter and producer Arnthor Birgisson. Here’s a lot more we wrote last year about how amazing they are.

The demos in that article linked to above have since been deleted unfortunately, but ‘Father’s Eyes’ has gone on to become their first single, and the official introduction to them. It’s pretty instant, and everything about it practically screams “I WOULD SOUND GOOD PLAYING ON THE RADIO”, which goes some way towards explaining how it hasn’t dropped out of the Norwegian iTunes chart since its release there a few months back. It’s still in the top 100 now. This is one of those cases of a very good song silently and stubbornly turning out to be a very popular song. We like it when that happens.

At the moment, ‘Father’s Eyes’ hasn’t yet been released outside of Norway unfortunately. But you can listen to it in full here;

Fathers Eyes - Single - Ask Embla



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