Naomi Pilgrim: ‘Rainmakers’

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New Swedish singer on the block has today released her debut, self titled EP – which is really just a three track effort featuring her brill debut single ‘No Gun’, the not very good follow up ‘Money’, and brand new track ‘Rainmakers’.

Thankfully new song ‘Rainmakers’ follows the lead of ‘No Gun’ rather than ‘Money’ in the quality stakes. The most striking thing about it is undoubtedly the intense production that’s been bestowed upon it. A curious soundscape that is anchored by a bizarre synth that – we kid you not – resembles that creepy noise that heralds each appearance of Kayako Saeki in series of The Grudge films. But obviously that just enriches the whole tone of the song rather than distracting or taking away anything from. And what’s happening while all this is going on? You’ve got Naomi cooing her detached pretty vocal over the top of it. The lush melody she delivers with said vocal is reminiscent of Say Lou Lou – most probably down to the fact it was co-written by Jan Kask who was party responsible for their debut single ‘Maybe You’.

The EP is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.

Naomi Pilgrim EP by NaomiPilgrim


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