What A Night, What A Woman!

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Another Swedish dance diva alert!


2007 10 01 LisetteVares smallTwo years ago, myspace was blessed with the arrival of a new member who wanted to share her music with the world. Citing Cascada and Da Buzz as her main influences, Lisette Vares uploaded a few of her songs that were definitely in the same mould as said acts, but a tad unexciting. That summer was taken up by her residency as a backing singer at the Eurovision Song Contest in Finland. But on January 2008, she released her first album ‘Vega’. The music was quite generic in all honesty, and we didn’t take much notice. However, she’s now come back with a vastly improved sound.


If you go onto her new and improved myspace; http://www.myspace.com/lizzvega, you can hear two new songs (‘All Of My Life’ and ‘What A Night’) as well as two of her older songs so that you can get a feel of how she sounded first time around (‘Why Should I Cry’ and ‘Together lisetteWe Lost’). As you’ll hear, she’s gone from sounding like an imitation of Cascada, to being a worthy rival of the likes of Velvet, Elin Lanto, and September. ‘What A Night’s is our particular favourite and it’ll be getting its first play at the scandipop club night tomorrow night. At the moment, there are no plans that we know of, of her being launched in the UK. But with her new songs being of the calibre that they are, we reckon she’s more than ready to grace a Clubland compilation or three!!!


We’ll be giving you an update soon as to what she’s planning for the coming year.

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