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alice svensson1

Anyone remember Alice Svensson? She came second in the 2008 series of Idol in Sweden, and released her debut single, ‘Lady Luck’, last year. It was a pleasant enough sixties pastiche of a song, very charming, and catchy. But just one year on, and she’s reinvented herself – as a dance diva! She’s hooked up with production dream team, Pitchline, and her new single is called ‘I Wanna Live’ (despite the fact that it sounds like she’s singing ”I wanna LEAVE”), and it’s an anthemic, uplifting club track about being happy with who you are. We don’t know about you, but certainly nothing makes us move on the dancefloor like a little bit of a self empowerment vocal!

The first verse builds and builds, until you hear those first club synths in the last few lines before the chorus. Then there’s a pause. Then the chorus explodes, backed by a full on early noughties club crescendo! Marvellous. Thank you Alice for giving us one of the best songs of the year so far!

And here it is;

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