Veronica Jensen: ‘About A Girl’

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HERE’S something. A Danish popstar has done a cover of ‘About A Girl’ by Sugababes for her launch in the US. And gotten Rene out of Aqua to produce it.

Our pop loins were stirring before we’d even heard it!

Meet Veronica Jensen, formerly of the band Aycan. Sensibly, her version doesn’t stray too far away from the Sugababes original. That was a banger – this is a banger. And not only has she resurrected the song, she’s also brought the humble dubstep breakdown back to life. How quickly we forget!

Obviously we’re much more interested in what’s to come next from Veronica, rather than her rehash of this song. But the fact that there is a popstar out there who sees fit to do what you’re about to see/hear below – is exciting enough in itself.

You don’t know ‘About A Girl’;

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