Mimi Oh: ‘Säkerhetsnål’ – The SoundFactory remix!

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After a stellar year of some great knob twiddling of pop songs in 2011, Mr SoundFactory delivers his first remix of 2012.

The honour goes to Mimi Oh, who’s ‘Säkerhetsnål’ single was released last week.

It’s one of six remixes that are accompanying the release. Also on board are;

  • Anders Nyman (piano house)
  • Goldfinger (or Anton formerly of Le Kid, as he’s better known!) (fiercely, FIERCELY electro)
  • Emma Bates (trance on an upper, and the remix which borrows from the song’s commitment to the 80’s more than any other)
  • Erik Emanon (trance on a downer)
  • Mr Bubblehead – have listen for yourself here

And then SoundFactory’s own remix comes in three formats – radio edit, club mix, and dub.

His is the poppiest, the happiest, and the brightest of the six different mixes. So it was always gonna be the frontrunner to be our favourite. It’s also the most creative – as it features his trademark cheeky tampering with the overall tuning of the song.

Someone has kindly synched the radio edit of SoundFactory’s remix to the song’s video. We LOVE when people go out of their way to do this!

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