Touch Me……I’m Electric!

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Well well well, you wait and wait and wait for new Velvet music to come along, and two tracks arrive in the same week! Over the weekend, we posted about her vocal on a cover of Edward Maya’s ‘Stereo Love’, released on a compilation in the UK. And now it’s the turn of Russia to grant us new access to one of our favourite voices in pop.

She’s showed up on the new single by dance outfit Slava. Uncredited, she sings ‘Electric’. Although the audio has been uploaded to youtube on seperate videos by both Warner Sweden and a company called Extensive Music Sweden. So a release outside of Russia looks more than likely.

And what of ‘Electric’? Well it’s a poppy take on the electro house genre. On first listen it’s a bit WTF. But on second listen, not only does the melody of the chorus kick in to your mind, but even the synth instrumental riff in between her vocal parts becomes quite addictive. We’ll be playing this youtube vid a lot over the next few days, we can just tell!

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