Day 2 of our feature in which we bring you previews of the each of the songs from the new Eric Saade album, and today’s track is ‘Me & My Radio’

‘Me & My Radio’
Music & Lyrics by: Cutfather/Jason Gill/David Davidsen/Remee/Brandon Beal/Engelina Larsen
Produced by: Cutfather/Jason Gill/Daniel Davidsen

One of the more pop orientated cuts on the album, ‘Me & My Radio’ has a delightfully simple melody to it. And the uncomplicated tune is matched by an ever so sweet lyrical message too. Despite being a fast track on an album of mostly up-tempos, this still manages to standout, as it’s the more innocent counterpart to the slightly edgier ‘Killed By A Cop’, ‘Made Of Pop’, and ‘Hearts In The Air’. While the likes of those have been tailored to appeal to radio listeners or club dancefloors, ‘Me & My Radio’ seems like it’s sole focus is to find a place in the hearts of Eric’s younger fans. And we imagine it probably will. It has an unrelenting synth riff running through most of it, not dissimilar to Britney’s ‘Heaven On Earth’. And we’re impressed to see that Eric has recruited Danish pop legends, Cutfather and Remee to help out on this one.

‘Saade Vol.1’ is released on June 29th, and you can listen to earlier album clips here.

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