Three’s a charm!

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Back in September 2009, we wrote a little bit about a new Swedish girlband called Three. Identical teenage triplets and their infectious debut single, ‘Lucky Number’.

Well now their whole album is finished and available to stream online! Back then we wrote that the song didn’t just pay homage to the 90’s, but that it sounded like it was actually made back then too. Some people would say that’s a bad thing. We look on the positive side and say that it’s an authenticity to be admired and enjoyed! We listened to the album a few times yesterday and today, and it really is pure joy. It’s candypop scandipop! If you miss a certain kind of pop music that was around in the late 90’s – A*Teens, Vengaboys, Scooch, ATC etc, then you will probably really like this album. We certainly do anyway. They sound a lot like Lucky Twice, but even less mature and more bubblegum.

You do have to be in a certain kind of mood to appreciate a whole album of this music though of course. And admittedly, there are some moments on there which are just plain awful (they really should have closed the album with ‘Wish You Were Here’, rather than drag it out for four more inferior tracks), but when it’s good, it’s VERY good! And besides, nobody is really making this kind of music anymore (besides perhaps a sub-genre of J-Pop which still exists), so we’re all for it. In fact, we pretty much live for it!

You can stream the album in full here.

If you can’t bring yourself to listen to the whole thing though, here are some HIGHLIGHTS. And we’ve even put them in order of how good they are.

‘Lucky In Love’
By far the best thing on here. It sounds like if A*Teens’ ‘Halfway Round The World’ had ended up on Victoria Silvstedt’s debut album. Very very catchy, and with a production that thrills us to our very core!

‘Lucky Number’
The first single, also insanely catchy. You can see the video below, which is an unrivalled delight in itself.

‘Wish You Were Here’
Ace of Base juniors, with a big scandipop chorus.

‘Flying On A Feeling’
This sounds like it was offered to the Vengaboys who had asked for a replica of ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’ or ‘Uncle John From Jamaica’ – but then turned it down because it was too cheesy even for them.

Sounds like Alesha Dixon’s ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ being performed by Las Ketchup. Eagerly!

Starts off quite bland, but is rescued by a fun chorus we think.

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