Therese: ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’

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30272 414399048124 530558124 5273273 464464 nToday we were sent the brand new single by Therese. ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ is released in Sweden next month and is the singer’s first release in far too long. But once again, and as always, Therese has delivered a fabulous piece of dancefloor tunage! It’s released to Swedish radio stations later this week and should hopefully become something of a staple over the summer.

It’s a very interesting, highly creative dance track. It doesn’t really sound like anything else she’s done before. Although we guess that if we must compare it to another track of hers, we’d say the stuttered and sporadic structure of the song is similar to that of ‘Feelin Me’. It sounds like two songs have been merged together – a dreamy electro track inspired by the 80’s, and an almost tribal electro house track! She raps on the latter, and seductively teases the delivery of her vocal on the former. When it’s in its calmer moments, it’s sexy, and then every time the beat comes back (or ”drops”, as is the subject matter of the song!), it’s an irresistable command for you to dance.

We’d love to see how this goes down on dancefloors. And we commend Ms Grankvist for producing a dance tune so brilliantly bold.

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