Whigfield: ‘C’est Cool’

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Oh God! Ok, so it’s taken a few listens and a couple of days break after the initial dismissal, but BOY are we now on board with the new Whigfield single!

Whigfield’s a funny one. Unlike a lot of 90’s acts, this isn’t actually a big comeback for her, as she’s been consistently releasing new music since the days of her big success. Albeit to very little fanfare, but a core group of persistent Whigfield stans have always managed to make sure that we’re aware of it – either by spamming pop forums that we visit, or directly emailing us telling us that we should be writing about this Danish pop princess of yesteryear. However, since the days of ‘Think Of You’, ‘Sexy Eyes’, ‘Another Day’, and THAT moster hit of hers, there’s really been nothing of hers that has grabbed our interest. ‘Was A Time’ has somehow found its way into our iTunes along the way and garnered a few plays, but that’s it. Until now, that is.

When we saw the arrival of ‘C’est Cool’. We just assumed it was yet another soft release for that admirable fanbase of hers. But upon closer inspection, it does appear to be a little different this time around. The song is a million times better for a start, but we’ll get to that in a minute. This new single seems to be a big re-launch for her, her biggest in quite some time. She’s got a new image, she’s putting together a new website, and there’s also a video being filmed for it – a teaser for which you can see here. This time around, people are actually talking about it, not just the aforementioned stans! Not on a big scale yet of course, but certainly the biggest she’s had for a while!

Right, the song then. It’s Eurodance parading as Europop of course, that’s a welcome given. But it’s got a FAT bassline that turns out to be quite addictive if you give it half a chance. And then there’s the melody – it’s simple and it’s catchy, helped along by minimal lyrics, as she favours a “ba-da-ba-ba-da-ba” vocal riff instead, for most of it.Clocking in at around three minutes, it’s a satisfactory serving of pop. And really readers, isn’t that ALL we’re looking for?!

Judge for yourselves below. And we love how she’s gone for a Bridgitte Bardot look on a track called ‘C’est Cool’!

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