Linda Bengtzing: ‘Män i Uniform’

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Whilst still in her haze of Melodifestivalen heat victory, Linda Bengtzing released her Greatest Hits album on Monday. Amongst all of her most loved and cherished songs from yesteryear, the album also contains her current Melodifestivalen smash, ‘E Det Fel På Mig’ and a brand new track, ‘Män i Uniform’. And you can have a listen to said brand new track below!

As you would hope, expect, and quite frankly admire, ‘Män i Uniform’ sticks to Linda’s usual schlager sound. Although it does add the slightest touch of electro rock in there, making it a tad more contemporary than the likes of ‘Alla Flickor’. It’s a catchy little number, and serves as the perfect consolation for fans who might have been disappointed by the fact that the Greatest Hits album only stretched to a paltry ten tracks. It’ll certainly do as a stopgap until Linda is ready to start making a proper album again – and no doubt that’ll be soon, as she’ll have been spurred on by her surprise success at the weekend’s Melodifestivalen heat in Malmö.

And speaking of ‘Alla Flickor’, look what’s finally emerged! Only the legendary Pernilla Wahlgren version of the song!

Many will know that Pernilla originally recorded the track and submitted it to Melodifestivalen, and that while SVT/Christer Björkman loved the song and wanted it for the 2005 contest, they thought that Pernilla was a little too old to be singing such lyrics, and instead drafted in a young and fresh(er) faced Linda for the duty. And the rest is history! Alcazar’s Lina Hedlund had also recorded the song somewhere in amongst all of that too, and her demo leaked online a good few years ago.

We all knew that the Pernilla Wahlgren demo existed somewhere too, but until now, only a clip had surfaced online. Now though, you can listen to it in full below. And we really REALLY like it. The production on it is totally different to Linda’s and somehow, it manages to sound even more schlager. It crosses the fine line into full-on Christmas song territory! It’s COMPELLING stuff!

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