The weekend’s Sommarkrysset

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We attended Sommarkrysset at the weekend. With a line up that included Robyn, Play, and Erik Grönwall, it was a must! None of them disappointed of course, but in all honestly, EVERYTHING was blown away by Robyn’s performance of ‘Dancing On My Own’. We’ve loved the song for a while now and were very excited about seeing it live for the first time. And it was just absolutely immense. A song delivery like no other. The lyrics were represented perfectly by both the sad, heartbroken expressions on her face in some parts, and the frantic, frustrated dancing in other parts. She really really goes for it during the song, and makes the track even more special than it already was. What more can you ask from a performance really?!

Robyn’s comeback with a great single and a talent that seems even stronger than ever, is being rewarded deservedly. In the UK, BBC Radio 1 have moved the song up to its a-list, meaning that it’s got a big chance of becoming a hit when it’s released there this month. And back in her native Sweden it was released over the weekend and is already number 1 on iTunes there.

Play continue their own comeback trail too. They performed ‘Famous’at Sommarkrysset, which was quite a treat as we’d never seen them live in the flesh before. It was a tad strange that they didn’t choose to perform their new single instead (‘Famous’ was released, and peaked, months ago), but the crowd liked it, so hey-hum!

If you haven’t checked out Play’s new album yet, we’d strongly suggest you do. There are some quality gems on there. This album sampler below is a good place to start if you’re curious;

Lastly, Erik Grönwall was the only other act at the show that we were interested in, and he performed his new single ‘Crash & Burn’. Before his performance, the stage managers gave the go ahead for all the young girls in the crowd to come to the front and form an unorderly line at the front of the stage especially for his performance! How sweet. We were tempted of course, but stayed in our seats and behaved!

Erik released his first ‘proper’ album ‘Between A Rock And A Hard Place’ last week in Sweden (the album before that was a rush released covers album off the back of his Idol win). And you can hear snippets of each of the tracks in this sampler below. Oh, and before we forget – interesting fact alert: We met Johan Becker a couple of weeks back and he told us that he’d actually coached Erik all the way through his Idol experience. Which makes a lot of sense actually, they’ve both got a really similar singing voice.

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