Hurricane forces U-Turn!

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Ok, so in the last few days we’ve done a total u-turn and fallen in love with a song that we dismissed as tripe a month ago. Initially it was easy to dismiss though – on first listen it sounds a lot like so many other pop songs from the last 6 months that have been produced based on a Red One or Taio Cruz blueprint. And at first, we just didn’t think that this song was strong enough to stand out from all of them. But we’ve heard it out and about a few times recently and actually, it stands out quite wonderfully on its own thank you very much! It’s great. And we were wrong!

It’s ‘Hurricane’ by REbound; two gents Rabih and Eddie that competed in Idol individually in their native Sweden, but who have now come together as a pop act. It’s a fun pop track that epitomises kitchen sink production, but is no less enjoyable for it (after a few listens evidently!). The synths are brilliantly chaotic, and complimented well by a contagiously happy, fluffy top line. It’s cheery, feelgood, toe tapping pop music that’s tailored to make you dance. And it does it very well.

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