(Kunde Vara) Så Mycket Bättre

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lena philipsson 130674w 128097582Episode 2 of the new series of Så Mycket Bättre graced Swedish television last night – and it was the turn of Eva Dahlgren to see her repertoire taken on by the assortment of artists taking part in the show this year.

Already you can listen to the songs on Spotify, and watch the performances over on the TV4 website.

Unfortunately, out of all of the performances, it was really only Lena Philipsson’s that did anything for us – with even E-Type letting us down with a not very exciting cover. And at that, even Lena Ph’s ‘Jag Klär Av Mig Naken’ took a little while to really get into its stride. It’s definitely worth sticking with though, as during the second half she really lets herself go, both vocally and performance wise. It soon exudes that unique Lena charm. Musically, it’s electronic pop – of course!

We’re now more than ever itching with excitement for the weeks when Lena and E-Type’s back catalogue will be delved into.

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