The triumphant return of Kikki Danielsson!

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kikki danielsson live

Here’s something that you don’t see enough of on television these days – Kikki Danielsson performing some of her new material live!

The Grand Dame of schlager, dansband, and Swedish country music is BACK with a new album, ‘Första Dagen På Resten Av Mitt Liv’. And quite a successful one at that – it entered the Swedish album charts at number 3 this morning. Now we don’t know about you, dear readers, but we fucking LOVE this woman, and just about everything about her. She’s fantastic, a true embodiment of all that is great and good about a certain sub-genre of Scandinavian pop culture. So to see her not only back in the album charts, but also performing her new music on TV – well, we’re enthralled, to say the very least!

One gripe though, and it is admittedly a major gripe at that, is that of the three genres that we’ve mentioned her as being a champion of above – schlager, dansband, and Swedish country music – she’s actually gone and chosen by far the worst of the three as being the sound of her new album. Yes, it’s a country music album. Not schlager, not even dansband, just country. To be fair, we haven’t actually given the album a proper chance yet, and will be sitting down to have a proper and serious (very serious) listen at some point in the next week. But still, wouldn’t a schlager album have been fabulous?! But then of course it might not have gotten her back into the top 3, so you can’t really be selfish about these things. But STILL!

Regardless of what she’s sounding like these days, we were simply happy just to see her take to the stage and sing her way through not one, but two of the album’s songs on Go’Kväll last weekend. And you can watch both of them below.

If you find yourself wanting more, then you can listen to clips of each of the album’s 14 tracks here.

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