Tonight’s Lotta På Liseberg had a very friendly pair of headliners. On offer were the winners of Best Female and Best Male at last year’s scandipop awards – September and Eric Saade!

September performed current single ‘Party In My Head’, and her previous hit ‘Kärlekens Tunga’. Plus, of course, the musical monster that is ‘Mikrofonkåt’. Eric did his summer 2011 double act of ‘Hearts In The Air’ and ‘Popular’, and he also gave his first broadcast performance of the opening track to his new album ‘Saade Vol.1’ – ‘Timeless’.

We watched. We loved. And now. We share;

September: ‘Party In My Head’

September: ‘Mikrofonkåt’

September: ‘Kärlekens Tunga’

Eric Saade: ‘Hearts In The Air’

Eric Saade: ‘Popular’

Eric Saade: ‘Timeless’

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