The Schlager Files: Section 1: DRAG QUEENS!


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting to you a few of our favourite sub-genres of our absolute favourite type of music – schlager! In each genre we’ll compile a top three of the best examples, enlightening your eyes and ears with the most brilliant performances of the most fantastic songs in that sub-genre!

First up….is Drag Queens!

Nobody does over the top style, ostentatious choreography, and ridiculous key changes like a man in a frock! The following three songs are sublime in every way. See for yourself;


3. DQ – ‘Drama Queen’


This song hails from Denmark, and represented the nation at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Despite its heroic achievment in the national finals (where it failed to make the finals the first time round, but made the second chance round, qualified from that, and then went on to win the final!!!), this didn’t qualify from the Eurovision semi final. Nevertheless, it became an instant fan favourite, and one of the most memorable performances of the year. THREE costume changes!


2. Queentastic – ‘Absolutely Fabulous’


This pair hail from Norway, where they competed in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2006 with this and finished second, and again in 2007 where they didn’t do so well with ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’. Matching ginger bouffant hair, regal pink gowns cut off just below the kinicker line, and surrounded by grand crystal chandeliers. PLUS listen to those amazing lyrics….”cos I can be your Galliano girl”!!! Absolutely fabulous indeed.


1. After Dark – ‘(Ah) Nar Ni Tar Saken I Egna Hander’

This was massively successful drag act After Dark’s second attempt at Melodifestivalen in 2007. They first tried in 2004 with ‘La Dolce Vita’ where they were triumphant and made the final, ending up in the top half of the final leaderboard. Unfortunately though, this failed to qualify from its Heat in 2007. Nevertheless, it’s one of our favourite Schlager songs of all time. Our Swedish friend tells us that the song is an ode to masturbation and fisting. Lovely! And we DEFY any woman to look at this video and not be envious of those legs!

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