The Schlager Files: Section 4: Glamorous Grannies


One of the greatest traditions of schlager music is that it brings artists of yesteryear out of retirement and provides with them with one more hit. In particular, the ladies see it as a great vehicle to get back out there and feel what it’s like under the stage lights, in front of the camera lens, and broadcast into the cosy homes of Scandinavia. It doesn’t matter how big or successful they were in their heyday – the seasoned schlager songstress is more than happy to roll up her sleeves, belt out a melody, dance ridiculously to a camp backing track, and just get lost in the fun of it all. And it’s just as fun and heartwarming for the viewer to watch and the listener to hear.

When the Glamorous Granny lends herself to schlager music, it’s impossible not to smile a little and feel a bit warm inside. We’ve chosen the three songs that best represent this feeling, and this wonderful little sub-pocket of schlager music.

Watch, and feel good about the world again!


3. Kikki Danielsson – ‘Idag & Imorgon’

Ah, the good ol’ double ring before the refrain. Is there a happier song in existance? We doubt it. ‘Idag & Imorgon’ makes songs from Barney seem like satanic worshipping, virgin raping, death metal. On record it is pleasance personified, but the performance is even more charming! Not only does the legendary Kikki take to singing again with great gusto, but she also performs a frankly exhausting dance routine and even indulges in a spot of gratuitous flirting with her young male dance trinity! And just how adorable is that pink, orange and yellow pauncho?


2. Nanne Gronvall – ‘Hall Om Mig’

In all seriousness, this is one of our favourite performances, of any song within any genre, of all time! Its energy and good mood is infectious. Nanne comes across as the picture of a seasoned professional. The dance routine is demanding, yet the vocal is flawless. The performance is hectic, yet she gets every camera angle right and greets every camera shot on time. And the two backing dancers may be half her age, but Nanne made sure that they were also twice her size – so as to ensure that all eyes remained on her. Brilliant! ‘Hall Om Mig’ is one of the most rousing schlager anthems of all time. When the opening bars of this come on when your iPod is on shuffle, you know about it straight away! Everything about this song is an absolute triumph. If Kylie had been born in Sweden and 50 years ago, ‘Hall Om Mig’ would be her ‘Your Disco Needs You’!


1. Hanson, Carson & Malmqvist – ‘C’est La Vie’


Have you ever seen a group of ladies look like they’re having this much fun?! They look like they’re having an absolute ball on stage. Never has a comeback looked so good for the soul. Or the joints! Three artists that had been having hits since the seventies, got together in 2004 to show the likes of the Sugababes how its done. Siw Malmqvist (the only one who’s taking it seriously in that performance), Anne-Louise Hanson (the one who had a bottle of whiskey to calm her stage nerves, and smoked 40 Marlboro Lights too by the sound of it), and Towa Carson (the one who’s having the most fun)  combined forces and provided the world with this gem, composed by Thomas G:Son. A soaring string intro turns into a pop beat within five seconds, and the unadulterated audio silliness just carries on from there. It’s a shame that they never got together since then to record another schlager anthem, but then perfection isn’t easily topped is it?

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