Swedish Idol: ‘All I Need Is You’

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The finalists of Swedish Idol have done their bit for humankind and have recorded and released the traditional reality-tv-talent-show charity single! However, unlike the usual X Factor fare, they’ve shunned the cheesy cover version in favour of a (in fairness, equally cheesy!) original composition, by one of the show’s judges Andreas Carlsson. Well – technically it IS a cover version, as Andreas himself recorded it last year for a different charity, but let’s not split hairs here.

It’s called ‘All I Need Is You’ and is a guitar based acoustic number that builds into an inspirational and uplifting hand-clappy sort of affair by the end. The video below shows each of the finalists in typical charity single video poses – the hands clasped onto the huge headphones for dear life, the eyes closed and heads shaking from side to side, the effort in putting across that they’re REALLY feeling the lyrics, and the solemn expressions on their faces – this IS for a charity after all. All proceeds go to UNICEF, and the Swedes have kindly rewarded the song by buying it in their droves – it’s been bobbing up and down the Swedish iTunes top 5 for a week or so now, mostly at number 1.

We haven’t been following Swedish Idol at all this year (we’re far more interested in what the contestants come out with AFTER the show!). And to be honest, we don’t even like the song! However, we thought it would be nice to post it on here in the interest of ‘’doing our bit’’!

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